Golf region Donau Inn

The Donau Inn Golf Region

The Danube Inn golf region is currently a union of 14 golf clubs currently which provides an attractive range of golf courses for both leisure golfers as well as demanding golf pros. The variety of golf courses with different character, golf schools with professional golf trainers, cosy clubs and attractive membership offers leave nothing to be desired!

Our hotel guests will receive a discount of 25% on greens fees for all golf courses in the Danube Inn golf region!

1 Golfclub Gäuboden e. V.

2 Deggendorfer Golfclub e. V.

3 Rottaler Golf- und Country-Club e .V.

4 Golfclub Sagmühle e. V.

5 Golfclub Altötting-Burghausen e. V.

6 Golfclub Innviertel Gut Kaltenhausen

7 ThermenGolfClub Bad Füssing

8 Golfclub Sonnberg-Kobernausserwald

9 Golfclub Maria Theresia

10 Celtic Golf Course Schärding

11 Golfclub Passau-Raßbach e. V.

12 Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald e. V.

13 Golfclub am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald e. V.

14 Golfpark Bella Vista