Therapy Bath in Rottal Terme

Therapy Bath in Rottal Terme

You will find the handicapped accessible therapy bath with a spacious pool and spa area, classic physiotherapy with all applications for the spine and joints and especially aquagymnastics in the octagonal dome of the Rottal Terme.

Our Services at a Glance

  • 5 thermal therapy pools, 32 °C (lifts present)
  • 2 thermal-special therapy pools, 34 °C (lifts present)
  • 1 thermal recuperation pool with water features, 36 °C
  • 1 thermal-air jet pool with outdoor swim channel, 33 °C
  • 1 steam bath with cold water fountain
  • 4 quiet rooms
  • 1 open quiet gallery
  • 2 solariums
  • 1 reading room
  • 1 rooftop garden cafe
  • 1 teaching kitchen

Impressions from the therapeutic bath

Pictures: Bad Birnbach