Physiotherapy & Wellness Oasis

Physiotherapy & Wellness Oasis

Mens sana in corpore sano – A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.

Through classical treatments in the most modern form, our physiotherapy department promotes your all-around bodily regeneration. Both the in-house massage practice with classic treatments such as medical baths, underwater massage, lymph drainage and electro-therapy as well as the facilities of Rottal Terme next door provide for a bodily and spiritual balance with a wellness, fitness and beauty programme.

Physiotherapy treatments, rehabilitative exercises & wellness applications

  •  Classical massage therapy

  •  Connective tissue massages 

  •  Underwater massages
  •  Lymph drainage
Other treatments
  • Fango packing
  • Fango kneading with fango
  • Medical baths 

  • Electro therapy
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Inhalations 

  • Stanger bath
  • Nordic Walking classes 

  • Qi Gong
Rehabilitative exercise treatments
  • Rehabilitative and group exercise 

  • Relaxation therapy using the Jacobson method

  • Traction treatment 

  • Speciaised spine/shoulder/knee/hip treatment
Wellness treatments
  • •Tibetan-Russian honey massage 

  • •Aroma massages 

  • •Luxury baths 

  • •Tao Zi – herbal stamp massage
  • •Tuina massage

  • •Hot stone therapy
  • •Dorn Breuss therapy 

  • •Acupuncture point massage following the Penzel method

  • •Foot reflexology massages
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